jade-press is a cms based on mongodb, nodejs, koa, vue and more


try it

# make sure your mongodb running
# visit https://www.mongodb.com/download-center?jmp=nav#community for more info

# make sure cairo installed,
# visit https://github.com/Automattic/node-canvas/wiki/_pages for system spec

git clone git@github.com:jade-press/jade-press.git
cd jade-press
npm install
cp config-sample.js config.js

# read and edit config.js to define all the settings 

# install plugins if have plugins
gulp install

# run it
node app

#then visit (if use default setting)


  • based on mongodb(database and session), nodejs 5+, koa, vue...
  • built in jade(pug) editor
  • file upload (to mongodb gridfs), insert, manage
  • custom routes
  • plugin system
  • theme system
  • user system
  • user groups and custom access control based on url
  • post and category
  • custom style & script & features file/image for every post
  • can be used as a module to extend
  • auto-database-update between different versions

use jade-press as a module


//.... other setting
    ,theme: {
        path: __dirname
        ,name: 'your-name'
        ,version: 'xx.xx.xx'
//.... other setting

 * main entrance

'use strict'

let init = require('jade-press').init
,co = require('co')
,config = require('./config')

.then(function(app) {
    let port = config.local.port
    app.listen(port, '', function() {
        console.log('' + new Date(), config.local.siteName, 'runs on port', port)
}, function(err) {
    console.error(err.stack || err)

example: https://github.com/jade-press/blog.jade-press.org


check the examples:


check the examples: